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When you're facing a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) case, don't try to tackle the mountains of confusing paperwork on your own - enlist the help of the experienced legal team at the office of Stephen Scofield, Attorney at Law.


Bringing more than 30 years' legal experience to every social security case, Stephen Scofield, Attorney at Law gives your case the individual attention it deserves. Navigate the lengthy appeals process with help from a knowledgeable trial lawyer.

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Courtroom proceedings are often far more complicated than a non-attorney realizes. When your social security case heads to a court of law, choose Attorney Stephen Scofield to represent your rights according to proper process.


When faced with a hearing before an administrative judge, you can be sure you'll have all the evidence you need on your side, including medical documentation of your injuries, to help guide your case towards the successful outcome you're seeking.

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If you've been injured before retirement, turn to our legal team for professional help.