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Ensure that your family is cared for and that your estate is handled according to your wishes with help from Stephen Scofield, Attorney at Law. Dealing with a probate issue, or perhaps a contested will? Our attorney can help.


In the event of your passing, your last will and testament is your family's only concrete evidence of your final wishes. Failing that, delegating powers of attorney to a family member can help your relatives avoid struggles over your estate.

Provide Your Family with Security after You're Gone

End family wrangling over a final will

Need an estate closed? Or perhaps your family is locked in estate litigations? Turn to Stephen Scofield, Attorney at Law for assistance with matters of probate law and estate litigation. End family disputes with a definitive legal ruling on the estate.


Whether you need to create a will, establish power of attorney, close an estate, or litigate a dispute, Stephen Scofield, Attorney at Law will leverage over 30 years of legal experience to finish your case in a timely fashion with all due compassion.

Turn to an experienced trial lawyer for help with your probate or estate case - call today.


Dealing with a contested estate or other matters of probate law? Turn to Stephen Scofield, Attorney at Law.